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Roaring Run (Eagle Rock, VA)

Flickr Submissions (tag:GOaS-Roaring_Run) One of the best waterfalls in the area and an all around great recreation area. The paths are well maintained and there are shooting opportunities all year round. In the spring you can enjoy the increased water flow (which really makes Roaring Run roar) and walk through blooming flowers, the summer is … Continue reading »

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Goshen Pass (Goshen, VA)

Flickr Submissions (tag:GOaS-Goshen_Pass) A couple mile stretch of the Maury River running over and around giant rocks through the mountains east of Goshen makes for some of the best river shooting around. Easily accessible, but a bit of a drive to get there. There’s a covered shelter, picnic tables, and plenty of grills if you … Continue reading »

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Fenwick Mines (Near New Castle, VA)

Fenwick Mines is a jewel in our own back yard and it constantly surprises me how many people have never heard of it. A little north and east of New Castle, it’s an old mining area that has been turned into a wetland preserve. There are well-maintained walking trails, picnic shelters, bathroom facilities, and a … Continue reading »

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